History of the Winery

A new generation of winemakers

Bodegas Halcón is the continuance of Bodegas Marqués de San Gil in the XXI century which was founded in 1711, being one of the most ancient in this locality. Casa-Bodega Marqués de San Gil is strategically located in the urban nucleus of Lebrija, next to the parish of Santa Maria de la Oliva. We offer the possibility to come and visit a place that is more than 200 years old and where stunning gardens, Andalusian courtyards, fragrance, tradition and history are mixed together to create a unique experience.

With a fresh new and young team. Bodegas Halcón has Margarita Halcón as the executive manager and it is looking for the exclusivity with a limited production of the most representative wines from Jerez.

high quality selection

Wines of the province of Seville

high quality selection

Wines of sweet liquor and vermouth


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Since 1711

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